Merpy's L-O-V-E Music Video!

Welcome to Merpy's L-O-V-E Music Video! Yes, Valentine's Day is long gone, but, the love continues at to one of Merpy's favorite songs ever! Okay! Let's Go!

P.S. This goes out to Ms. Brewer's class at Greenfield Elementary School!

The Merpy L-O-V-E Music Video requires the Flash4 plugin. How do you know if you have it? Well, if you see the word "Yes" blinking you can continue! If you don't, you can download the flash plugin.

Copyright 2001 M.R.Petit. All rights reserved.
Music: L-O-V-E (B. Kaempfert/M Gabler, recorded by Nat King Cole)
Published by Bourne Co.
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