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[Merpy and the Monsters]

There are a couple of different versions, so read carefully!
Launched: December 1, 1998

[The Super Duper Fully Animated Merpy Monster Tale]
This is the fully-animated Merpy Monster tale! Read the Story! Sing along with the Themesong! Make things move and dance!
To go here, you need either Netscape or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher and the Shockwave Plugin. How do you know if you have it? Well, if you see the word "Yes" blinking you can continue! If you don't, you either need to download it or look at the other version of the story below!
A little warning: The animations on these pages are between 30-100K each. So, if you're on a slow modem connection, you might want to choose the other version.

[The Simple Merpy Monster Tale]
This is the simple version. Its a slideshow that uses frames (Netscape or Internet Explorer 2.0 or higher). You'll also hear the Merpy & The Monsters themesong!
Story, drawings and animations by M.R. Petit
Themesong and Narration by Jeremy X. Halpern
Dedicated with love to Christopher, Samantha, Stephen and Natalie
Special thanks to The Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University

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Copyright 1998 M.R.Petit. All rights reserved.