Welcome to Merpy's New Year Celebration! Let's celebrate the New Year in lots of languages! Okay! Let's Go!

The Super Animated New Year Celebration requires the Flash plugin. How do you know if you have it? Well, if you see the word "Yes" blinking you can continue! If you don't, continue reading. You can download the flash plugin or go to the non-animated version.

Copyright 1999 M.R.Petit. All rights reserved.
Special thanks to all my multi-lingual friends who so generously helped: George Agudow, Sandra Aluoch, Prodeep Bose, Vlad Druk, Vardit Gross, ChiYi Hsiao, Igor Matveev, Nakiso Maodza, Tea Modrcin, Bathsheba Delewa Okwenje, SangJun Park, Danny Rozin, Yuri Sunahara, Marko Tandefelt, Midori Yasuda, and Ioulios Zoumos
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