Merpy's Bad Mood!

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming.
Its a beautiful spring day!
Everyone is happy ... except Merpy.

Merpy woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
And things got worse from there.

Her oatmeal was cold.
She spilled the milk.
There was no hot water.
And Schlomo the dog ate her homework.

Everyone she met said "Good morning, Merpy!"
to which she would reply "What's good about it?!?!"

Her friends saw that she was sad so they tried to cheer her up.
Glop and Dusty made her a picture
But Merpy's reponse was "What?! So Schlomo can eat this?!"

The Ghoulashes gave her some flowers.
But Merpy replied "Do you think they wanted to be picked?! Maybe they were happy where they were!!"

And Jeremy Dragonfly and Rufus the Firefly gave her some cake.
But all Merpy could say was "I DON'T LIKE COCONUT!!"

So nothing worked.
Finally, they decided to leave Merpy alone.

Merpy watched all her friends go away.
Schlomo the dog, however, followed her.
She asked "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"
But, he said nothing.
She looked at him.
He looked at her.
She looked at him.
He looked at her.
And they sat that way for quite some time.

And then it happened.
It wasn't much.
In fact, nothing really happened at all.
Merpy just had a thought.
"Hmmmm... I do like coconut!"
And she began to feel better.

So, Merpy and Schlomo decided to find all their friends.
When they arrived everyone looked scared.
But, they got over that.
And it turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

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Story and Illustrations by M.R. Petit
Narration and Music by Jeremy X. Halpern
Copyright M.R. Petit 2000. All Rights Reserved.