Merpy's Halloween Adventure

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Its Halloween time
A time full of fear
But, for some of us folks
Its the best time of the year

Its when we carve pumpkins
And we get to pretend
That we're ghouls and we're ghosts
With all of our friends

Merpy got dressed as a witch
With a broom
She could cast magic spells
And fly round the room

A magical genie,
Was Jeremy Dragonfly
With a great flying carpet
That soared in the sky

Stephen was a spaceman
Christopher, a vampire
Samantha, a doggie
In spotted attire

Natalie went as a clown
With big feet
While Lucas the baby
Was a froggie so sweet

And off they all went
On a big "trick or treat!"
To each friendly neighbor
And got treats to eat

Now Merp's pals, the monsters,
Were in for the day
Waiting for visitors
Who might like to play

Merpy knew this
And said "Here is a sign!
In that spooky old house
Are some good pals of mine!"

So, they knocked on the door
And they shouted "surprise!"
But a thing most surprising
Made everyone hide!

The humans screamed "MONSTERS!!!"
Oh what shall we do?"
While the monsters screamed "PEOPLE!"
And shook in their shoes!

And when they grew quiet
They all stood and stared
And said to themselves
"Just why are we scared?"

So, Jeremy spoke up
"I'm a genie, you see
I can grant you a wish
what will it be?"

The monsters looked sheepish
"What we'd like to do
Is go trick or treating
With all of you."

"Of course!" said the children
As they gathered round
"You've got the best costumes
In all of the town!"

So, off they all went
Greeting ghouls on their way
And monsters and spooks
On this halloween day

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Story and Illustrations by M.R. Petit
Narration and Music by Jeremy X. Halpern
Copyright M.R. Petit 2000. All Rights Reserved.