Jeremy Dragonfly

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Now sit yourself down and rest for awhile
While I tell you a tale that will make you smile

About a friend who's as true as the blue of the sky
My good old friend Jeremy, Jeremy Dragonfly

Now why is he called Dragonfly, you might cry
He doesn't have wings and he sure doesn't fly

He's got no antennae, no big bulging eyes
No bug traits at all, you cannot deny

No Jeremy's no bug, as you can see
He's a small human boy, as plain as can be

But, he got his nickname from a dear sweet old friend
Who said it with love, without trying to offend

For Jeremy scared people lots of the time
He'd make silly faces with his mouth open wide

He'd run around buzzing, and make absurd sounds
And wear funny costumes in the middle of town

And with his dog Schlomo he'd go out exploring
With tophat and tails and spaceship asoaring

They'd visit the moon and sail seas of bananas
And have picnics with aliens wearing pajamas

And they'd have lots of fun and travel real far
While never stepping outside their backyard

But Jeremy's idea of fun really flopped
With some cranky old boys who wanted it stopped

They teased him and chased him and called him odd names
And told him he had to stop all of his games

And then they came up with the insult most feared
With a great big ol' sneer, they said Jeremy you're weird

"Why thank you!" he said, "that makes me real glad"
Which made the old cranks just madder than mad

"Don't you see," he said to them, "you're not being fair"
"The truth is your scared! You're scared" he declared

You're scared of each other, you're not scared of me
You're scared of yourselves and of what you might be

You're scared to be different, but you're really unique
And unique means you're special, you're not just a freak

You should have fun and be brave and be bold
And think for yourselves, not just do what you're told

You should do what is right and do what is true
And treat people kindly, the way they'd treat you

And that's how the nickname first got its start
Cause dragonflies are big and dramatic and smart

They scare you and zigzag, they zoom and they dart
The dragonfly, however, has got a big heart

And while he seems dangerous and clever and sly
The truth is that dragonfly can't hurt a fly

So, the next time you see that old dragon in the clouds
Remember old Jeremy and remember him proud

Remember this story, but, here's the best part
Remember you're clever and special and smart!

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Story and Illustrations by M.R. Petit
Narration and Music by Jeremy X. Halpern
Copyright M.R. Petit 2000. All Rights Reserved.