Merpy and the Monsters

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May I present to you, friends
for your delight
the story of Merpy
and the creatures of night.

But, be warned, brave friend,
if you're subject to fright
for monsters are not known
for being polite.

Merpy prepares
for when night draws near
by checking all places
and spaces of fear.

She looks in the closet
through her hangers and shoes
where oozing old ghouls
hang in twos and peruse.

She looks in the garden
where the nightflowers grow
and creepy slimecreatures
hide under your nose.

And, the last place she searches
is under the bed,
that creepy old place,
that fills us with dread.

She gets down real low,
and she looks underneath
and if it is empty
she brushes her teeth!

And, when she is certain
that all is all right
she turns out the light
and she says "goodnight!"

But, strange things can happen at night
in the dark
and one's flights of fancy
can go out on a lark.

And, with the night stars
and that big old moon's glow
the strangest of shadows
begin to grow.

They stretch and they swell
and they dance on the wall
and the shadows all wrangle
and clamor and quarrel.

Then the creatures and ghouls
all come unbound
and they join in the fun
with the bed spinning round.

They bellow, they tussle,
they prance and they howl,
they scuffle, they laugh,
they cackle and howl!

And soon the old bed
joins the hullabaloo
springing and bouncing
like bronco buckaroo

When suddenly Merp realizes
this is a dream!
It feels real, an ordeal,
but its not what it seems!

This is made up
So, I'm head chief and boss.
You creatures of night
are at a great loss!

So, Merp waits
until they've had just enough fun
and then she addresses them
one by one.

Oozing old ghouls,
this is no time for play
go back to the wardrobe
without delay!

I have school in the morning
come back Saturday,
we'll have a tea party
a fancy soiree!

Mr. Slime Creature,
I beg your pardon,
but you, I'm afraid,
must go back to the garden.

But, before you go
may I ask for a dance?
For few things are fun
like a slime creature prance.

Mr. Bed, settle down
you're no horse or wolverine
but maybe tomorrow
we can play trampoline!

Shadows on the wall,
you're the clothes on my chair
and the toys on my shelf,
so its time to play fair.

And last, Mr. Monster,
do not sleep on the floor!
Its hard and its cold,
your poor back must be sore!

Under the bed is no good
can't you see?
Come share my pillow
and sleep next to me!

And now that she's certain
that all is all right
She shuts out the light
and Merp says "goodnight!"

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Story and Illustrations by M.R. Petit
Narration and Music by Jeremy X. Halpern
Copyright M.R. Petit 2000. All Rights Reserved.