The Monster Holiday

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Its the holiday season and people everywhere
Are celebrating Christmas and Hannukah and Kwanzaa

Which got Merpy and her friends, Jeremy Dragonfly and Rufus wondering
"What do monsters celebrate?"

So, they asked her friends, the monsters,
"What do monsters celebrate?"

"Why our holiday is the Festival of the Monsters!
But, we each celebrate it a little differently
So, what do you say? Let's go on a monster holiday!

Dusty D'Arrange can often be found sleeping below Merpy's bed.
But, Dusty D'Arrange comes from the caves where its cool and its dam and its dark.

Dusty D'Arrange by the light of the fire
Recounts the legends of the monsters heroes.

Dusty D'Arrange sings the holiday songs
In four-part harmony with the echoes fo the cave.

Dusty D'Arrange and the monsters of the cave
Have their annual openhouse. All their friends stop by!

These old ghouls come in pairs like shoes
And rest in the green and smelly swamp.

The Ghoulashes parade their historic swamp vessels
In a ride along the water.

The Ghoulashes play the traditional games
With surprises for all their guests!

The Ghoulashes have a great firework display
To the delight of all their friends.

Glopagus Gurtle lives in the garden
And sleeps where the nightflowers grow.

Glopagus Gurtle decorates the flowers
With her friends the fireflies.

Glopagus Gurtle does the traditional dance
Where she pretends she's the stars and the moon.

Glopagus Gurtle has a feast for her friends
A feast full of treats by the light of the moon.

So, from all of us at
Happy Monster Holiday!!

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Story and Illustrations by M.R. Petit
Narration and Music by Jeremy X. Halpern
Copyright M.R. Petit 2000. All Rights Reserved.