The Story of Jeremy Dragonfly and Schlomo the Dog

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Jeremy Dragonfly felt blue.
He would not say as much as 'boo!'
His heart hung low, he could not breathe;
He could not smile or laugh with ease.

The doctor said "the problem's plain!"
"No need to mope or to complain!"
"You've got a hole inside your heart
To fill this hole is where we start."

"Your sad heart needs a special friend
Whose love for you will have no end
With four paws and a furry face
With floppy ears, a tail to chase."

"A dog is what you need, I see!
A dog will ease your misery!
He's loyal, kind, and great fun too.
He'll even play new games with you!"

Jeremy followed the doc's prescription.
The shelter keeps dogs of all descriptions.
As well as cats who sit and mope,
while waiting for some love and hope.

"Look," said Merpy, "In number eight
there is a dog called 'Simply Great.'"
The dog stood tall on his hind legs
showing his trick, which was to beg!

And when they looked inside cage ten
a strutting beauty did pretend
to have such careful poise and pep
while prancing in a waltzing step.

Jeremy pointed to cage nine.
"This dog knows only how to pine.
He hangs his head so sad and low,
convinced that he will never go."

And when they slid aside the door
the poor thing huddled on the floor,
and raised his eyes as if to say
"Don't raise my hopes, then go away."

Jeremy's heart swelled in his chest.
He said "New friend, this is no jest,
For it is now quite plain to see
That you, dear dog, are meant for me."

So off they went upon their way
And have been happy to this day
As indicated by a tail
That keeps on wagging without fail.

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Story and Illustrations by M.R. Petit
Narration and Music by Jeremy X. Halpern
Copyright M.R. Petit 2000. All Rights Reserved.