Merpy and the Monsters Go Swimming

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Merpy and her friends sat around one day
It was hot outside, too hot to play

The monsters can sweat and the monsters can drool
We don't have school, let's go swim in a pool!

So, they put on their suits and their fashionable trunks
Packed snacks and some towels and some fun stuff to dunk

Dusty D'Arrange sipped a drink and sang songs
In his monstermade innertube which floated along

Merpy just loved splashing around
And spooking her friends without making a sound

The Ghoulashes played games, bottom bumpers and tag
Marco polo and races swimming zigzag

But, Glopagus Gurtle looked sad and felt blue
With big toe in the water, knowing not what to do

I'm scared of the water, I'm scared to go in
I'll get cold! I'll get wet! and I don't like to swim!

Plus each time I look in the water I see
A scary old monster looking back at me!

Merpy felt bad for her disheartened friend
I am a friend, till the end, on a friend one depends!

The water is clear, in the sky is the sun!
That monster you see, is just your reflection!

Now Glopagus, I think what you might just adore
Is making big splashes off the diving board!

So, up to the top she climbed and looked down
And saw all her friends cheer from the ground

She took a big breath, plugged her nose, closed her eyes
And did a huge cannonball, to everyone's surprise!

The splash was so big it was like a typhoon!
And they laughed and they laughed about it all afternoon

Till the sky turned to night and it was too cold to play
And they went home, to sweet dreams of another fun day.

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Story and Illustrations by M.R. Petit
Narration by Jeremy X. Halpern
Music by Maurice Ravel
Copyright M.R. Petit 2000. All Rights Reserved.